Every car owner loves their car like it’s their little munchkin because it is a significant investment. Moreover, car lovers genuinely admire the exotic interiors and exemplary features that different models offer. Continue reading ahead to know about the top ten car washing tips by experts. Find the best car wash service near you today! 

Consider the water that you are using to clean your car. 

One of the essential things you use to wash your car is water. Now, imagine a situation where the water is too harsh for your car’s paint, and consequently, the exterior starts peeling after a while. As a car owner, you must ensure to use clean water that is safe for the automobile. Prevention is always better than cure. It is a great idea to find out the water source at the car wash station and determine the temperature that you want for the wash. 

Do you know how to clean the interiors of your car?

Convertible cars often experience equal dust and grime inside the car and outside it. Moreover, leather and vinyl seats also attract innumerable particles that settle over time. An interior spray detailer can help you clean the interiors and make it look as good as new. It would help if you remembered to regularly wipe the cabinets and dashboards with a clean and dry cloth. 

Do not spray anything on your car; use the towel instead!

Instead of spraying any cleaning material on the car, you must spray it on the towel that you are using. The most significant advantage of doing this is that you have control over the amount of substance that you are using. You can manipulate the application. For example, spraying vinyl protectant on glass can be very time consuming to remove. Be a smart car owner, and use your cleaning materials wisely. 

Who said that hand-washing the car is best?

It is a common misconception amongst high-end car owners that washing the car at home, by hand, is the best way to maintain it. They fear that the scrubbers at the car wash station will leave scratches on the car exteriors. However, this is not true at all. It is indeed simple to find the best car wash service near you. If you still insist on cleaning your automobile in your house’s driveway, you must use a microfiber wash mitt and car cleaning soaps. Another mistake that car owners make is to use detergent in cleaning the car. Though it does not strip the paint, it takes away the natural luster. 

Do not use wax whenever you feel like it! 

While the wax is considered essential to give a pure shine to the car, please note that it is not the sole determinant. Using wax on your car whenever you feel like is a terrible idea. The paint plays an equally crucial role. Thus, the color should be free of all contaminants and impurities. Regular washing with water and wiping is enough to do the primary task. 

Have you heard of a clay bar?

If you are a car lover and want to keep the roaring beauty clean, you must use a clay bar. Though it has been a top product since the 1980s, it does not come as a surprise that not too many people know about it. The most significant advantage of using a clay bar over other cleaning materials is that it does not affect the car polish or wax. On the contrary, it removes all the dirt and grime and allows the polish to stay on. To put it in a shell, it is a tried and tested formula to maintain a glistening car. 

Please avoid using both polish and wax!

Many car owners often use both polish and wax, but it is expensive and pointless in the long run. Mainly, they are both designed for the same purpose, that is, to protect the car’s paint from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. Using either can be as effective and will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Do not overdo the wax! 

It is a common mistake to slather the car with wax because owners feel that it will look shinier. No, stop that now! Use a thin layer each time you wash your vehicle and apply wax. That way, the paint can imbibe it faster, and the car moves smoother. 

Clean the glasses correctly. 

Use a fresh microfiber towel to clean the car glasses. You must identify the sid of the streak. Take a cloth and spray the cleaner on a small section. Then, wipe the glass and finish the process by using the dry side of the fabric. Clean the exterior in an up-and-down motion while the interior demands a side-to-side motion, and you will quickly identify the side of the streak. 

Beware of bird droppings.

Last but not least, you must beware of bird droppings that can etch the paint over time. Always keep a quick detail spray and microfiber towels in the car. Clean as soon as possible, and don’t let the dropping stay. 

Keeping your vehicle clean is essential to maintain it for a long time. Regular washing and waxing play a crucial role in ensuring that your car remains attractive, and the paint does not lose its shine.