Car owners love their vehicles and will go to any extent to protect it. Rightfully so, a car is one of the biggest investments that we make. While it was earlier looked upon as a luxury, it is now considered a necessity that people cannot live without. Thus, it’s a great idea to continue reading and learn about 12 ways of secure car washes against high winds. Find some of the top mistakes to avoid and increase your car’s longevity. 

  • Do not wash your car on a hot day. 

You must not car wash your car on a hot day or when the winds are extremely high. Pick a cooler spot where the vehicle is exposed to less heat and winds. You see, winds and sunlight can lead the soap and droplets to dry faster on the car surface, resulting in water spots. Keep the car’s surface cool with a water sprayer. 

  • Did you know that dryness can also affect the dirt that is stuck?

Dirt on your car needs to be removed regularly. However, high winds can engrain the dirt, and it becomes difficult to remove. If you scrub too hard, then it might intrude into your vehicle’s finish. Please note that it can cause scratches on your car’s exterior paint, and it can be an expensive affair to get it repaired. 

  • Pouring wax directly on the surface is a big mistake to avoid. 

While car owners believe that car washes and waxes can work wonders to enhance your vehicle’s beauty, please remember that the high winds can cause uneven and dark streaks on the car’s surface. Instead, you should pour them on the applicator. 

  • Do not use solvent-based tire cleaners. 

Instead of using solvent-based tires and rubber cleaners and protectants, it is a great idea to opt for other alternatives. Distilled petrochemicals can adversely affect your tire’s surface integrity. 

  • Do not leave the wheels for the last. 

You should not leave the wheels for the last when you are washing your car against the high winds. The water splashes can lead to grime and dirt on the well-washed car. Since the tires are likely to be the dirtiest parts of the automobile, you should clean them first. Gradually, you may move up. 

  • Protect your car from harsh detergents. 

Most car owners opt for dishwashing soaps and detergents because they are easily available and convenient to use. Though these are good to a certain extent, they sometimes become too harsh for the car. They may strip the vehicle of its shiny wax finish. Thus, you should pick a car washing soap that is primarily formulated for the task at hand. 

  • Ammonia-based glass cleaners can have reverse effects.

Usually, people use ammonia-based glass cleaners to see sparkly results. But you would be surprised to know that they may completely ruin the dashboard and upholstery if you spill it. You must be careful to buy an ammonia-free glass cleaner. There are plenty of options to choose from. 

  • Do not forget to invest in an upholstery cleaner. 

Your car’s carpet is prone to excess dirt and daily dust. However, it is unwise to clean only a specific section of the upholstery and leave out the rest. Focus on every detail of the interior, or you will end up having a partially clean car. Invest in a good quality upholstery cleaner. 

  • All plastics are not the same!

It is important to remember that all plastics are not the same. Since they have different properties, they demand different methods of treatment and care. Use a penetrating protectant on soft plastics and dedicated plastic polish on harder surfaces like gauge cluster lenses.

  • Overwaxing is a blunder!

Do not overwax when the winds are high. Usually, two coats are sufficient. While the first one forms the base, the second one helps to cover any left out spots. During high winds, the wax may flow unevenly. Either you must be cautious or postpone the task for another day. 

  • Remember to use a microfiber towel when drying. 

When the winds are high, you must use a microfiber towel to clean the car’s surface and keep it dry. It will ensure that your car’s finish remains intact and scratch-free. 

  • Car towel cleaning must always be proper. 

Last but not least, never clean the car towel with a fabric softener. Always pick a microfiber towel or the classic cotton one to clean the car. Remember to clean them properly after use. 

These are the top 12 ways of securing car washes against high winds. Always wash your car in the garage and keep it in a cool place, away from the fury of natural weather elements.