9 ways to disinfect your car to protect yourself from COVID-19

The present COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm. Humankind was unprepared for such a pandemic, and it has hit millions of lives across the planet. While national authorities have been continuously urging people to stay at home in quarantine and enforcing lockdowns, people are often forgetting about disinfecting their cars. Though it is imperative to remain indoors until necessary, there is very little that people can do to avoid using their cars when going to buy essentials. Please remember that it is better to opt for your personal vehicle over public transport. Continue reading ahead to find out 9 ways to disinfect your car to protect yourself for coronavirus. 

Where are your gloves?

Your gloves can play a major role in helping you disinfect your car. To begin with, you must always wear gloves when you are stepping outside the house in the present pandemic. Your hands come in contact with many surfaces, knowingly and unknowingly. Thus, if you have just touched a platform outside your car, and then you hold the steering wheel, there is a high possibility of virus transfer. Keep your car gloves entirely separate.

Additionally, wear gloves when you are cleaning the car, such as removing tissues used by the kids or empty paper glasses that someone drank from. Though you should avoid reusable gloves, it is better to invest in suitable quality gloves that you sanitize regularly. Do not contribute to plastic waste! 

Do not forget to keep a bottle of sanitizer in the car. 

Well, I’m sure that all of you are already aware of the benefits of using a sanitizer in the present COVID-19 fight. However, please do not think that it should be restricted to your house. Since your car is a closed space, it is a storehouse of germs and viruses if you do not disinfect it regularly. Each time you sit in the car and get off it, you must sanitize your hands. It is a good idea to keep a bottle or two of sanitizers in your car permanently. Clean the steering wheel, door handles, dashboard, and likewise. 

Are your children playing in the car?

Yes, the Government has asked you to stay indoors and step out only for essentials. But sometimes, it becomes challenging to leave the kids alone at home. Instead of getting bored in the house, they want to tag along and remain in the car. If they have toys in the car, remember to clean each one of them and disinfect them. You must also read the instructions on the stuffed toys and see if it is possible to put them for a washing machine spin. 

The car fabrics are pivotal. 

The car fabrics, such as the carpets and seat covers, are also essential to ensure that you disinfect your car correctly. Do not forget the area between the seats and behind the setas. One of the most common ways of the COVID-19′s transmit is via sneezes and coughs. Thus, you should ensure that no such particle remains in your vehicle. You can use leather cleaner, vehicle carpet, or upholstery shampoo to sanitize these surfaces. 

What about the surfaces you touch regularly? 

There are several surfaces in your car that you touch regularly. So, it’s a good idea first to make a list of those. Consider these to be the hotspots of COVID-19 transfer in your car. The list includes the steering wheel, the door handle (both inside and outside), the gearbox, the window operating button, the rear-view mirror, and the side glasses. There is a high possibility of damaging the electronics if you splash water on all of these. Thus, you must use disinfectant wipes and be wise. 

Make a scrubbing basket. 

Whenever you head downstairs to clean your car, you should carry a scrubbing basket. This basket must have all the products that you will need. It should have a fresh pair of gloves, spray bottle with soap water, a 

disinfectant (liquid or wipes), shampoo, dry towels, and likewise. 

Prioritize the dashboard.

The car’s dashboard is most susceptible to carry viruses because it is right in front of the passenger seat. While on your cleaning mission, you should study the spots where there are high chances of the passenger’s spit or cough particles. In fact, it is also a place that everyone always touches while getting on and off. 

Personal hygiene is the best way to beat coronavirus. 

Personal hygiene is significant, even when the world is coronavirus-free. You must wash your clothes and change them into new pairs daily. It is a good idea to change into clean outfits when you go to your car. It reduces the chances of any leftover particles. 

Practice social distancing.

Last but not least, practice social distancing. Stay away from people and avoid going out. Protect your car and yourself by staying indoors. There are plenty of things to do and have fun without traveling at all. 

There are the top 9 tips to follow at home and disinfect your car. Though you may have been following all the rules of social distancing, there is still a high possibility that you contract the virus, the minute you step out. You are bound to touch surfaces inside the car and outside it. Thus, you must make a note of the tips mentioned above and practice them religiously. It is nothing less than a small step for man but a giant leap for humanity.