Buying your dream car is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, considering you invest a hefty amount of money, time, and efforts to purchase it. The sleek looks of the car, the brand-new glossy finish, and the very soothing aura of the vehicle, these factors will unquestionably make you feel like you are on cloud-9. Many elements come into play while choosing the right car for you. One of the most mind-boggling components involves the type of coating you should select. In this guide, we will distinguish between ceramic coating and Teflon coating, which may suit your car the best. 

It does not surprise you that if you want to maintain your car and ensure that it looks new and shiny even after years of usage, choosing the right coating matters. You may stumble across several factors when it comes to determining the interior and exterior of your car. Read below to understand what exactly Teflon and ceramic coatings are. 

An overview of Teflon coating

Teflon or poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE) is a distinctive synthetic fluoropolymer. In simple terms, it is known as a type of paint protection coating. It is incorporated in a car by most car manufacturers and dealerships to maintain the paint’s durability. So, Teflon helps in ensuring that the car paint does not wear off anytime soon. It acts as a protective layer over the respective paint. To add on, it also offers additional gloss to the car. 

When it comes to the nature of the fluoropolymer, it is 100% non-sticky and substantially decreases the friction when applied upon the car. Moreover, it plays an imperative role in inhibiting the paint from rusting, along with securing the car in specific temperature conditions.

How is Teflon coating applied on a car? 

Given below is the systematic process of how Teflon coating is applied to a car. 

Initially, the entire surface of the car is deliberately washed so that all the dust and dirt particles are mitigated. 

  • The entire car surface is thoroughly washed for mitigating the dust and dirt particles. 
  • The car is then thoroughly dried. 
  • The expert then applies the Teflon Coating over the car in a slick style. 
  • It takes about 20 minutes for the Teflon Coating absorb and to dry-out. The car is then polished by utilizing a car buffing machine for an ultimate shiny finish. 
  • The total buffing method takes about 30 or more minutes. 

Benefits of Teflon coating

There are numerous benefits of Teflon Coating. Along with enhancing the shine, Teflon helps in preventing the car from obtaining even the most minute scratches, guards the paint against wearing off, and increases the paint’s life. 

What is the ceramic coating? 

When it comes to ceramic coating, it is a unique liquid polymer clear coat, gently applied over the paint. Similar to Teflon coating, ceramic coating’s chief purpose is to offer maximal protection to the car. However, one of the major factors that may distinguish ceramic from Teflon is that ceramic coating combines the molecular level, thereby systematically adding a hydrophobic layer to the paint’s surface. This layer then plays a chief role of a hardened guarding barrier that prevents dust particles from sticking on the car. 

Process of ceramic coating on the car 

Both ceramic coating and Teflon coating have the same applying procedure. The ceramic coating lasts up to 2-3 years, while the Teflon coating lasts for about 6 to 8 months. When it comes to the prices, the ceramic coating is a bit costlier than the Teflon coating. 

Benefits of ceramic coating

The most prominent benefit of Ceramic Coating is- it offers maximal protection against the sun’s UV rays. It moreover helps in providing security against elements like oxidation, scratches, rust, and much more. The ceramic coating also offers weather protection and guarantees giving your car a very sturdy and protective finish. Just like Teflon coating, it enhances the car shine. 

To sum up- which coating is better? 

To answer your question, both Teflon coating and ceramic coating have equal benefits. Thus, you should consult with your car-care company on which coating might be best for your car. PacomPro is a passionate company aiming to offer a few of the most top-notch solutions for your car. Along with being one of the most leading companies in the industry of car care, PacomPro never ceases to astonish its customers with a few of the most remarkable-quality services such as Teflon coating and ceramic coating.