Kavaca, named after a Sanskrit word ‘Armour,’ is an aliphatic polyurethane film designed explicitly with high-tech technology to protect painted surfaces from corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and physical damage. This kavaca paint protection film is perfectly tailored for vehicles in the Marine & Automotive industry. 

Besides, the growing demand for Kavace Films is due to its extraordinary features, cost-effectiveness, and outstanding durability for public transportation. Everyone wants their car paint to look at brand new, Right?. PacomPro, as the leading car care company, installs the best quality ceramic-pro-kavaca film hassle-freely and transforms the appearance of your car to make it look brand new. There are two variants of advanced Kavaca Films storming the market today.

  • Kavaca Instant-healing film

Kavaca Instant-healing comes with a self-regenerating layer, which allows it to recover from scuffs, minor scratches, & dents in a matter of seconds. Other than this, the film stands out because of the enhanced transparency and 100% clarity it offers, doubling the color depth & glossiness of the car’s paint. Moreover, Kavaca Instant-healing films that PacomPro uses guarantees the best quality, fast installation, and good resistance to scratches, rock chips marks that may occur to the vehicle.

  • Kavaca ceramic coated film

Kavaca ceramic coated film is an incredible innovation as it enhances the visual appearance of the surface it is applied to and maximizes surface protection systems’ potential. In this type of Kavaca Films, the film is generally coated with ceramic during the production process. Moreover, Kavaca ceramic-coated films’ growing popularity as the best kavaca paint protection film is because of its stain-resistance, gloss-effect, and anti-graffiti effect features.

Excellent features that make Kavaca PPF the best

  • Provides best in the industry Gloss

Kavaca Films are translucent, which means these materials do not interfere with your car paint’s visual appeal and only heighten its look. Though many other paint films can produce a dull hue, Kavaca PPF is strategically designed to give a gloss finish when installed, enhancing the car surface’s shine.

  • Durable, more Stretch, and instant healing 

Experts manufacture Kavaca with an extraordinary blend of materials to stretch more other paint protection films available in the market. Being stretchable, these Kavaca PPFs can be fitted to different cars easily. Besides the extra stretch quality, these Kavava PPFs recover from minor scratches without the need to apply heat as it has instant healing properties and long-term longevity.

  • Liquid-repellent & offers a polished look

Often after installing a paint protection film, the surface can look wrinkled and rough. Water droplets and dust may stick to the PPF and make the appearance of the car dull. Fortunately, that is not the case with Kavaca Films. Kavaca PPF has liquid-repelling properties that stop any liquid contaminants like oils, bird dropping, acid rains, etc. from sticking to the surface. Besides, cleaning dust and dirt from the films is easy and quick. A Kavaca car paint protection film leaves no glue marks with PPF installation GEL, making it spotless and invisible over the car’s surface.

  • Hides/ removes Imperfections like magic.

Even if a car has minor scratch marks, a paint correction becomes necessary, which may cost hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. Although paint protection products are designed to protect underneath, not all of them do what it claims. Kavaca films are made after years of research and are infused with nanotechnology that helps it fill microscopic scratches. It means these films heal minor scratches and eliminate the need for complete paint correction, saving a lot of money.

  • Made with outstanding technology to provide rock-solid protection & enhance the visual appeal 

Besides the highly durable property, Kavaca helps preserve the vehicle’s surface in all conditions like excessive heat, smog, acid rain, and harsh contaminants that slowly damage the paint’s coating overtime. Fabricated using exclusive technologies and high-quality raw materials, the Kavaca ceramic-coated film hardens on the entire car’s surface like a robust glass shield. This shield of Kavaca PPF blocks smog, dirt, snow, ice, etc. from attaching to the paint surface and keeps the paint guarded for a long time.

  • Corrosion resistance 

Moisture is the prime reason why corrosion happens. If a car surface catches water, the color fades fast, and within one year, a brand new car can look ten years old. Kavaca films are best known for their hydrophobicity, which makes them stave off the water like mirrors. This hydrophobic feature allows these films to protect the paint beneath from corrosion and retain its vivacity.

  • Chemical resistance 

Certain chemicals can soften or swell the car paint when it comes in contact. When this happens for a long time, the color of a vehicle can start to peel off. Therefore, preventing it from the very beginning is crucial. Kavaca PPFs with ceramic coating act as protective layers and repel chemicals from sticking to the car’s surface. Thus, the chemicals never reach the paint, and they are wiped off from the surface of PPF effortlessly.

  • UV rays resistance & helps original car paint for fading.

KAVACA takes self-healing to the next level with its UV protection technology. The nano-ceramic coating allows Kavaca coatings to block out UV rays and keep the paint underneath look polished and new. That is also why Kavaca films have a more extended warranty than other paint protection products in the market. The nano-ceramic based technology also allows these Kavaca car paint protection films to repel surface retention and help the product prevent stains more efficiently.

Whether it’s full body protection of your car that you need, front end only, or a combination of all, kavaca films are a smart choice for paint protection. To know more, you can visit PacomPro as we have the best Kavaca package for your needs.