You’ve just purchased your new car. It looks incredibly sleek and shiny. The employee at the showroom is telling you about all the ways you can protect your car. But in the happy daze of your new purchase, the words are not quite registering in your head. But you want your car’s shine and gloss to last for a while, so how do you do it? Before the big words and technical terms confuse you further, let’s break it down for you.

With frequent use, your car slowly loses the new look it had when you first bought it. How do you prevent that from happening? Simple. You go for car coating.

Many car coatings options are available, but the two most popular options are ceramic coating and paint protection film.


Before you step out, you always remember to apply a layer of sunscreen. Ceramic coating is pretty much the sunscreen for your car. To put it simply, this coating is an additional and protective layer of paint for your car.

Let’s go back to your school days. If you’ve learned about polymers, you also know that some are water-loving, and some are water-phobic. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic; that is, it repels water. So, if any dirty waterfalls on your car, the nature of the coating forces the water to gather and form droplets, which can then be easily brushed off with minimum effort.

Additionally, it provides UV protection and can sustain scratches. Experts claim that its effect is so strong and long-lasting that your car does not require washing henceforth. It sounds a little far-fetched, but there are some valid facts behind this statement. 


If the ceramic coating is the sunscreen for your car, the Paint Protection Film (PPF) is like your umbrella.

PPF, similar to plastic, is a protective film. The difference is that it is a much more complex four-layered film. It can be wrapped around your car to protect it from scratches, scrapes, and any minor impact. PPF acts as a shock absorber and reduces any force hitting the car, minimizing the damage caused. In this way, it works like foam. It also protects your car from hazardous materials such as chemical contaminants, acidic rain, and mineral deposits.


The entire process of ceramic coating is very elaborate and physically exhausting. 

  1. You cannot get your car washed with the usual bucket of soapy water. The ceramic coating requires an extensive wash with a special kind of soap with a specified pH level to avoid destroying the existing paint layer. This removes all impurities which are present on the car surface. 
  2. This is followed by dent correction, and then the car is buffed and polished. Now, these are time-consuming processes because every inch of your car’s surface must be smooth. This may require you to proceed slowly and carefully, to ensure optimum protection for your car. It can take nearly two days to get your car fully prepared.
  3. After all these tedious processes, the actual act of ceramic coating begins.

Based on the steps mentioned above, it’s easy to figure out if you are willing to put in all that effort yourself or if you would prefer to hire a professional to do it for you.

For PPF as well, the first step is to thoroughly clean the car. The process following it is not as demanding as the ceramic coating. Once the cleaning is out of the way, the real job is to put on the film. Now, this step must be performed with the utmost care. Otherwise, it’s going to leave imperfections such as air bubbles. Do you like your mobile screen guards to have bubbles on the surface? If not, don’t compromise with your car guards either. Since this job requires precision and accuracy, it is advisable to have an experienced professional do it for you. 

Are these treatments worth the money?

Without any sugar coating or truth-twisting, both ceramic coating and PPF are expensive with good reason, too, since you are aware of the manual labour that goes into applying these protective layers. 

There are various packages that PacomPRO offers with prices ranging from as low as Rs. 8,500 to as high as Rs. 1,00,000 depending on the package you select for your car.

But is it worth it? Most definitely.

Of course, both options provide protection. The ceramic coating has an added cosmetic effect that will hike the prices as well.

Another plus point for both is that they’re long-lasting. Though each of them has its pros and cons, customers have reported that their effect lasts quite some time. They do not wear off quickly or require frequent reapplication.


If you are having a hard time deciding, there is a way you can have the best of both worlds! Ceramic coating over a layer of PPF. It provides your car with an unparalleled level of protection. But since this option is usually quite expensive, here is a quick summary of both options to help you choose better.

Ceramic coating:

  • Cosmetic value.
  • More convenient to clean.
  • Keeps impurities off the car paint.
  • Enhances appearance.
  • Suitable for use in city roads.


  • Better protective value against scratches and hard water spots.
  • Better durability.
  • Self-heals stops rock chips.
  • Prevents swirl marks during washing.
  • Suitable for rough use and driving on country roads.

If your sole purpose for coating is protection, then, without a doubt, PPF is the way to go!

Don’t worry too much about protecting your car. We, at PacomPRO, offer a wide variety of products and services for you to choose from, with cost-effective solutions for all your car needs. We assure you that you’ll walk away a happy driver with an indestructible car!