What is the ceramic coating?

Want your car to look brand new throughout the year? Ceramic coating is the answer to all your problems. The ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to cover your vehicle with a second layer. This layer acts as a shield in protecting your car from appearance issues. With the help of nanotechnology, many tiny particles combine to form a thin layer of glass, ceramic, or quartz. This is invisible to the naked eye. This coating helps protect your car’s appearance. This layer has hydrophobic properties, and this helps in protecting your vehicle from various damages.

Are ceramic coatings recommended for cars?

Yes, the ceramic application helps protect your vehicle from the daily wear and tear it faces. The popular Pacom Pro ceramic car coating lasts for years, and it is one of the leading companies in the car care industry. This allows the car to be cleaned much faster. It also has many added benefits which include:

  • Easy cleaning.

Many contaminants easily damage the look of your car. While traveling, your vehicle passes through mud, dirt, rain, dust, and so on. Due to the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic nature, with just a quick wash, your car will be squeaky clean. Ceramic coating is a better option than waxing, due to this reason. Say hello to your spotless vehicle in no time with the help of this technique.

  • Protection against harmful UV radiation.

Due to the frequent usage, your car is exposed to many harmful ultraviolet rays. This happens particularly when you park your car outside. Due to the UV rays, your car happens to give away a dull appearance. The paint fades away, and sometimes you may experience some oxidation as well. The ceramic layer on top protects your car from the rays and the consequences that follow.

  • Shield against chemical stains.

Due to the increasing air pollution in the city, there are many acidic contaminants present in the atmosphere. These chemicals can cause stains on cars. The ceramic pro car coating helps keep your exteriors clean and tidy and prevent the chemicals from reacting or bonding with the paint of your vehicle.

  • Glossy texture.

Ceramic coating brings in that glossy clean look to your car all year round. This helps in maintaining the overall appearance of your car and bringing out the best.

  • Increased durability.

The ceramic coating is designed to bond with the molecular structure of your vehicle; this protects the upper surface of the car, making the paint last for many years.

How many layers of ceramic coating will be needed for your car?

One layer of ceramic protection is good enough to go. You will not need to layer another layer on top of it. Just make sure you have covered the entire car on all its edges, and it’s good to go.

What does ceramic coating not protect your car from?

Ceramic coating is an excellent choice to keep up with the long-lasting appearance of your car. But there are somethings that the coating cannot promise and these include:

  • Lasting a lifetime. 

We are all aware that nothing lasts forever; the ceramic coating does not last a lifetime. This depends on the type of product you use for applying, and so on. The coating usually lasts for a decade, and sometimes a little bit longer. You will need to re-apply the coating once the time arrives to keep up with the glossy shine.

  • Protecting your car against scratches and other marks.

This depends on the type of product the customer is going for. Some manufacturers claim that the coating will make the car scratch-resistant, whereas some don’t. There are other deep marks you may come across while washing your car.

  • Omit the need to wash your car.

The ceramic coating does provide an extra layer of protection to your car. This does not mean that you will not be required to wash your car. Your vehicle must be cleaned at frequent intervals.

Is ceramic coating the right decision for your car?

Yes. There is an investment that must be made, but this will pay itself in the long run. This coating will boost your car’s appearance and give that glossy look, which is rather hard to maintain.

Why choose Pacom Pro?

At Pacom Pro, we commit to the customer’s needs by providing quality services. Our company was founded in 2015, and ever since then, our company has been emerging as the number one company in the car care industry. We guarantee to preserve your car appearance by using our advanced formula of nanoceramic coatings. Our permanent coating protection is UV resistant, Temperature Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, and Scratch Resistant.