Paint Protection is a covering that acts as a shield for your car and protects it from dust, oil, and other abrasive particles, which can dull the overall surface of the vehicle. Also, it makes it easier to go through the car washing process as it reduces the frequency of polishing the car surface, which eventually brings down the expenses. Getting the Paint Protection service for your car can be a little expensive, but it is something you will thank yourself for down the years. The biggest question here is, should you get paint protection for a new car, and if so, from where?

What is Paint Protection?

The PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a thin film, either transparent or colored, which has self-healing properties. This film is made up of an elastomeric polymeric substance that retains its original shape once stretched or altered. Paint Protection not only keeps away those heartbreaking scratches but also does not allow dust, grease, oil, and washing chemicals to settle on the surface. 

Paint Protection Film is nothing but a lamination for your car to protect it from the outside environment. It maintains the car’s shine for ages, and it is durable enough to last for at least ten years. Moreover, a good quality Paint Protection will also protect your car from any scratches, be it from another car, or hitting the wall while parking. This helps you save up on any paint repairs in the upcoming years.

Is it worth getting Paint protection for a new car?

New cars are always glowing with a bright shine that dulls down after a few months of use. Any scratch, dirt, or grease may hamper that new look for your car. PPF is the best available solution to preserve your car’s original lustrous look. The cars manufactured at factories have a thin coating to protect the paint from the external environment, but that might not be enough. The layer is usually very thin and hence may fade away in time, making your vehicle vulnerable in various aspects. 

A car coming out of the showroom is already coated with a thin film for paint protection. This film protection does not last in the long run; thus, PPF is a great option to look into. For PPF purchase, you should look for an authenticated dealer or a car servicing unit to ensure good quality paint protection. 

Is there any alternative for paint protection?

To improve and maintain your recently bought car’s shine, there are many options to look for, such as polishing, paint protection, ceramic coating, and much more. The best ones to look for are polishing and paint protection, wherein the latter is discussed above. 

Polishing is another alternative for paint protection, which can be used to maintain the glistening look of the car. It is a method to polish the outer surface of the car and bring out the shiny inner surface. As compared to the paint protection, polishing is a cheap method but not as effective as it fades away too soon. Additionally, polishing does not stop the dust or grease from settling on the surface. Hence it is only a temporary method of keeping the shine of the car. Thus, you have to get your car polished frequently, which eventually shoots up your expenses and is heavy on your pocket. 

Where to buy the Paint Protection service from and the best coating available?

The paint protection services can be availed from any trusted and authenticated dealer or a car servicing store. You can look for verified dealers such as Pacom Pro, the leading car service provider in Southern India, for the paint protection service. Also, make sure that the PPF is of ultimate quality as the normal ones get corroded too soon, and you may have to keep servicing it. 

The most famous type of PPF is the XPEL ones that have handsome quality and have more extended durability than the regular brands. Thus, it is recommended that you purchase XPEL PPF rather than a cheaper one to ensure saving cash for the long term. Also, you get to avail the Kavaca advanced technology instant healing PPF that is used by Pacom Pro.

The company has significant expertise in the field of car protection services and thus has the upper hand over the others. They use the blend of ceramic protection and PPF for the best results. The essence of ceramic in the paint protection adds gloss to a brand new car’s shine and makes it durable, which ensures it lasts for long. 

So the main takeaway from this is, even though getting a good paint protection film for your car is expensive, especially from a good car servicer, the PPF can help you maintain the luxurious look of the car in the long term and help you save up on cash.