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Car detailing involves restoring and reviving the faded surfaces of a car to give it a makeover with a look so amazing that you can zoom around town in your sparkling ride! Car detailing services are very widely used services and are quite different from car washing. This might be a unique thing to notice for someone who is generally not into cars. However, most car owners like to keep their 4-wheelers up and running, which is essential for its good upkeep. There are many minor details that we keep in mind while car detailing.

There are several processes involved in getting your car detailed. It requires a deep cleaning of your vehicle right from start to finish. Every part of the vehicle is cleaned all over. This includes cleaning, using a buffing tool, polishing, waxing, and detailing. This process can consist of light touch-ups for the paintwork or dent repair, but these are additional services. Various modern gadgets and tools are used to accomplish this. A regular car wash just helps to get rid of the mud and dust on the exterior surface of the car. On exploring the inside surface, we might find more dirt. The whole procedure can take from two to four hours to finish if performed with care and perfection. Once in a while, this much time can be conveniently taken out of one’s busy schedule.

There are two parts to a car detailing service:

  • Starting from the exteriors
  1. Washing – The entire outer surface of the car is detailed. The external body is washed thoroughly to remove all the dust present on it. This also helps to remove any mud or dirt that might be present over the surface. Soap and water are used for this process. The dust particles are washed off.
  2. Cleaning – After thoroughly washing the surface with soap, various machines are used. This includes the usage of cleaning brushes and tools to clean the wheels. Usually, wheels accumulate the maximum amount of dirt, and various tools are used to clean them. Other parts of the car are also cleaned, which are generally not given attention, but certainly need it.
  3. Drying – After this extensive cleaning, the car’s painted surface is washed and dried thoroughly. This process also requires many tools like washing rag wheels and towels of microfibre filaments and cloth, to remove any remaining dirt.
  4. Paintwork detailing – The paintwork is then looked upon with the help of a clay bar that emulsifies dirt particles on the car’s surface and removes them. It then clays the paintwork of the vehicle and forms a clear coat of it on the vehicle.
  5. Polishing – Post this, comes the longest and most time – consuming part of the entire process. The polishing of the painted surface takes place. A lot of care has to be taken during this stage, depending on the car’s age and state of use. Polishing is executed to get rid of any scratch marks, minor dents, and oxidation process marks. This painted surface can be polished with the help of a polishing machine or using the hand itself.
  6. Coating – After this, the entire car’s entire surface is coated with a layer of wax to give it that ultra-sheen effect! You can see your car come out looking fantastic! This layer also offers a layer of protection to the shine of the vehicle.

Finally, at the end of detailing the car’s external surface, various other parts of the vehicle, like the windows and rubber parts, are polished and cleaned one by one. Then, more modifications are made to the nooks and corners of the car so that your 4-wheeler can sparkle and shine!

  • Moving to the interiors 
  1. Internal detailing – The inner surface of the car undergoes detailing. All the surfaces lined with clothing or car leather are washed with shampoo and water.
  2. Scrubbing and stain removal – After this, it is also scrubbed thoroughly, but lightly, in circular motions. This helps to remove all the dust and dirt that might have been there on it. If there are any stains or marks, these are also removed. Then all of these materials are vacuumed and dried.
  3. Cleaning of glass surfaces – After this, the glass surfaces on the car’s interior are rinsed well and scrubbed. They are then polished and wiped.
  4. Cleaning of the engine – After cleaning the entire car’s internal and external surfaces, the engine area needs to be cleaned. This region has to be cleaned very carefully. Too much water is not to be used to clean this region as this can cause problems. Maintaining the engine area well is a crucial factor in maintaining the car well.
  5. Cleaning of the plastic parts – After cleaning the engine area, we clean the plastic portions of the vehicle and dry it. Then, the rubber and silicon portions are cleaned and left to dry. We take appropriate care to ensure that every part of the car looks great!

PacomPro takes the utmost care when it comes to car care services. We have a great team of mechanics, technicians, and car enthusiasts to help you. We understand our customer’s preferences and needs. This helps us deliver our services effectively. Check out our services today, and you will not be disappointed to hand in your keys!