The present lockdown period has all of us hooked to our social media and TV screens for news updates. Each of us is eagerly waiting for the pandemic to get over and the government to lift the lockdown restrictions. We yearn to go out, drive around, enjoy our favorite meals, meet our loved ones, and just stay outside for a while. Amidst all this chaos, people often forget to protect their car windows at home. Continue reading ahead to find out the protective steps that you can take at home to ensure that your car window remains safe and sound. 

  • Do not forget to clean regularly. 

You must remember to clean your car windows daily. In addition to the daily dirt and pollution, hard water spots and bird droppings may also cling to the glass. It is not enough to clean the car and forget about the windows, assuming that they got cleaned in the process. You must wipe your car windows daily and use a proper glass cleaner that’s free of ammonia. 

  • Are there any stone chips?

A stone chip refers to an instance when a small or big stone impacts the glass window. Sometimes, there may not be a visibly big crack, but the glass layers may suffer. Over time, this small dent can lead to a bigger problem, and you will need to replace the window glass instead of repairing it. You can find several window chip repair stores around you. All you need to do is book yourself an appointment online or call the helpline number and ask for slot availability. The sooner you act, the better and more cost-effective it is for you. 

  • Protect the car window from direct sunlight. 

Direct sunlight is exceptionally harmful to the car because it impacts the car wax, shine, and paint. However, did you know that it also has an impact on the car window’s life? Let’s find out how. Sunlight and heat can weaken the car glass and windshield. Moreover, temperature changes in glass can also lead to increased cracks. Protect your car with a cover or park it in a shaded zone. Since you won’t be taking out your car for quite some time now, owing to the lockdown, you must make arrangements to follow a car parking checklist. 

  • Use the right type of cloth if you have tinted windows. 

Now, you must be thinking that this point pertains only to those cars that have tinted windows. However, it is not so. Tinted or transparent, car windows are sensitive. You must ensure to use a soft microfiber cloth to clean it. Do not use a scrubbing brush, rough sponge, paper towel, duster, old/worn-out t-shirt, rag, or anything on those lines. You can buy a special car cleaning towel online or from any local store near you. 

  • Do not slam the doors! 

Slamming your car doors is a big no. It can lead to unnecessary vibrations that can be too harsh for the car windows. In severe cases, it can also lead to cracks and chippings. Another problem, as a result of slamming doors, is a misalignment of the window. So, it is wise to close the door moderately and carefully. Though it is a lockdown period, you must still clean the car from inside. Closed cars can often develop odors if they do not get fresh air. 

  • Have you picked the right cleaning agent?

The right cleaning agent refers to the glass cleaner you pick. As explained earlier, you must avoid ammonia. If you want to make a non-commercial car window cleaner at home, then all you need do is mix two portions of warm water, one part of alcohol, and one spoon of vinegar. It will give you an excellent glass cleaner for your automobile. Also, focus your attention on the cloth you pick. It should not be too coarse, as it can leave behind scratches. 

  • Follow a specific order while cleaning. 

Last but not least, remember to follow a specific order when you are at the task. Always start your car window cleaning with the driver’s side door, then follow with the front passenger’s side door. After this, proceed to the windows at the back and clean them in any order you prefer. First, roll down the top a little and clean it thoroughly. Proceed to the bottom. Always focus on the exterior first and then move to the interiors. 

These are the top car window protection tips that you must follow. A car is a long-term investment, and repairing damaged window glasses can be an expensive idea. It is a wise decision to protect the car windows instead of being sorry later!