PacomPro is the leading car care company in South India. Our team of experts has a passion for excellence, providing high-quality services to customers. PacomPro was founded in 2015, and since then, we have committed ourselves to provide our customers with the best quality services. We have always aimed to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and service. PacomPro strives to improve its services by implementing cutting edge technologies. 

Some of the premium services provided by PacomPro are:

  • Ceramic Pro Coating: Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer for the preservation of car surfaces, sailboats, aircraft, etc. This layer of polymer ceramic pro car coating helps in preserving the appearance and lifetime of vehicles.
  • XPEL Coating: Xpel is a paint protection film coated on the surfaces of cars for longer-lasting paint. Some features of xpel coating are that it is self-healing, stain-resistant, and offers superior optical clarity.

What is the ceramic coating?

As you all now have a basic idea of what is a ceramic coating, let me provide you with in-depth details. Ceramic car coating is a chemical polymer solution applied on the exterior surface of your cars to protect the paint from wear and tear.

It is usually applied by hand, and it blends in your car surface to create an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Due to the chemical bond and additional layer of protection offered by the ceramic coating, your car’s factory paint is not damaged. Often referred to as nano-ceramic coating, this procedure is a permanent solution to all your worries regarding your car’s paint. The coating’s intrinsic properties help make it strong to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and heat. The actual idea of this coating is to protect your car from dirt, sludge, and stain marks to ruin the paint.

Is ceramic coating worth all the efforts?

The answer is yes. It is absolutely worth putting in all those efforts when it comes to ceramic car coating. Ceramic coating has major benefits that will add value to your car in the long run. It makes your car simpler to clean and low maintenance. After installing this protective layer on your car, you can enjoy driving like never before and putting a halt to all your worries regarding paint protection.

9 Benefits of Ceramic Coating for your Vehicles:

  1. Best Car Paint Protection: Ceramic coating provides a strong, protective layer to the exterior surface of your vehicles that blocks all types of outside particles and prevents them from damaging your vehicle. A car should endure all types of attacks on its body like scratches, mud, stains, and other contaminants on the road. This ceramic coating ensures the car’s originality stays intact and can withstand damages without showing on the car’s surface.
  2. Long-Lasting Protection: The ceramic coating is made to last longer than any other ordinary paint job. This coating is fused to the surface of the vehicle and not displaced from any sort of vibrations or external force.
  3. Candy Gloss: Ceramic coating provides gloss and depth to your vehicle, unlike any other. This layer of ceramic coating provides a glossy look, bringing the best out of your car.
  4. UV Ray Protection: UV rays can do a whole lot of damage to the paint on your vehicles. Well, with ceramic coating, you need not worry about that anymore. It will protect your car paint from oxidation, fading, and wearing down to look dull.
  5. Makes your Vehicles Stay Cleaner: The ceramic layer makes it easier for you to clean your car. The nano-ceramic coating works at a molecular level to make sure your vehicle’s surface is smooth and even. Even if dirt falls on your car, it does not stay on the surface but simply rolls off. This special property of ceramic coating makes it difficult for any contaminants to stick on the vehicle’s surface.
  6. Eliminates the Need of Car Wax: You no longer follow the traditional methods of protecting your car paint, such as car wax. Wax does not offer you protection for longer periods and needs to be re-done several times a year because it easily wears off the surface. However, the ceramic coating offers you much sustainable protection for years to come. 
  7. Protection from Chemical Stains: Acidic contaminants can cause chemical stains on the surface of your vehicle, causing potential damage. With the ceramic coating, your vehicle’s surface will not be directly exposed to any chemicals and will prevent staining the factory paint.
  8. Improves Appearance: Ceramic pro coating provides you protection and makes your car stand out in front of others. It makes the surface shine bright, giving it a sleek look.
  9. Effective Cost: You may think that the ceramic coating is expensive and want to stick to the traditional waxing method, which is quite cheaper. Waxing is not a long-term solution and needs to be re-done several times a year, whereas the ceramic coating is a one-time investment lasting much longer. It’s better to invest in something which is in for the long run than to invest in something which will last only a couple of months.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your vehicle’s paint getting worn and torn, the ceramic coating is no doubt the best option you got. The ceramic coating or nano-coating has got your car all covered from any damage and gives firm protection. This is a long-term solution and does not need to be done every other month. Ceramic coating helps in retaining the glory of your cars, making it look brand new for years.