A detailed guide of ceramic coating facts 

If you own a car, then you must already be aware of what is ceramic coating. However, if you are new on this block, then you must understand that ceramic coating, in the simplest of terms, refers to a component that can help you protect your car externally. Since it is a valuable item in your vehicle’s protection, several myths envelop it. Continue reading ahead to know about top ceramic car coating facts. 

Ceramic coating can make your car scratch proof. 

One of the biggest myths of all times is that you can make your scratch proof with the use of the ceramic coating. No, you can only make it scratch proof. For example, if you use proper cleaning procedures and look after your car, then there is a very low possibility of your vehicle having any scratches. However, if you clean it with steel wool and expect the coating to protect it, then it is an unwise decision. Sharp objects such as keys and stones can still scratch your car if you are not careful. 

You can use a ceramic coating on your own. 

While most people believe that using a ceramic coating is effortless and anyone can do it at their home, it is not a wise choice. The best quality ceramic coatings are available only at professional car showrooms and servicing outlets because in case anything goes wrong, only wet sanding can reverse the damage. Thus, it can be a risky decision. Secondly, ceramic coating demands you to have proper lighting so that you do not mess up the task. Only professionals understand how to go about it. 

Ceramic coated cars can be washed only with water. 

No, washing your vehicle with only water is not enough because each day it is exposed to countless dust particles on the streets. If a company says that you can use only water to clean the car after it has coated your vehicle, then you must steer away from them. There are specially designed ceramic coating soaps that you can find in the market. These are the best products for you to use as they ensure a scratch-free car and protect it as soon as possible. Over the years, you must renew the car’s paint and coating from a professional. 

You can opt straight for a ceramic coating if your car is new. 

Another familiar mistake car owners make is to straightaway opt for a ceramic coating if the car is new. What most people fail to realize is that there may be several paint defects in new cars as well- swirls, marks, or some uneven coloring. Thus, the first step should be to correct these mistakes and then move to the ceramic coating. You can identify the paint defects and improper wash marks in the proper light. 

Ceramic coatings are suited to protect your car from stone chips. 

As mentioned earlier, ceramic coatings are designed to protect your car from scratches, but there is no way that it can withstand the impact of rocks at high speed. If you are seeking a way to protect your car from stone chips, then you must opt for a paint protection film. However, that is usually costlier than ceramic coats. 

Ceramic coatings are only useful when you want a glossy layer. 

When you compare a ceramic coated car to a plain one, you are bound to see a difference. However, car waxes are designed to give you the glossy layer. A ceramic coating is used for its protective benefits. Ceramic coats last much longer than waxes and sealants. They repel dirt and help to stay away from watermarks while cleaning. But remember, coatings do not have any warranty period. It all depends on how you look after your vehicle. 

Ceramic coatings are only for those who do not look after their cars. 

Last but not least, please note that ceramic coating is not only restricted to those who do not look after their cars properly. Let’s understand this through a simple example- you can run even without sneakers, but they surely help you run faster and more comfortably. Similar is the case with a ceramic coating. You may clean your car daily, but a ceramic coating gives it an extra layer of protection. Moreover, you would be surprised to learn that dirt should not be left sticking to the ceramic coat for a long time, so cleaning it is mandatory. 

These are some of the most discussed ceramic pro car coating facts and myths. With this, you are now a step closer to providing the best care to your car and ensuring that it remains as good as new, even after several years of purchase. You can easily opt for such services online by getting in touch with the customer care team for any further queries.